Collaborative robot CNC automatic loading and unloading actual case - metal processing CNC loading and unloading

The SZGH collaborative robot has a repeatability positioning accuracy of up to ±0.02 mm. In precision machining, it can ensure the consistency of multiple robots operating simultaneously, realize standardized production of products, improve production quality, and achieve a yield rate of more than 99%. The maximum cycle speed of 4 m/s can efficiently transport parts and improve production efficiency by 20% - 40% during loading and unloading of machine tools

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What is the difference between CNC milling machines and machining centers?

Our new series SZGH-650/ SZGH-850 can not only install the milling controller center SZGH-1000MDcb control system, but also the absolute type SZGH-1000MDi control system to achieve five-axis linkage in model SZGH-850. It can also generate digital signals to drive the milling machine mechanism to perform precision machining.

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Characteristics and processing methods of SZGH Lathe Machine

SZGH lathe machine: A highly cost-effective lathe machine built with a new design concept; With characteristics of strong anti-interference, stable and reliable operation; With USB interface, equipped with handheld box and additional panel, operation are more flexible; Automatic processing can be achieved by programming the processing conditions and loading them in advance; Since it operates according to the program, even beginners can perform machining with a certain degree of accuracy; Suitable for high-volume products that require repeated work.

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