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SZGH-SD2004(H) Absolutely type servo controller 3 phase 220V

SZGH-SD2004(H) Absolutely type servo controller 3 phase 220V , it can matched absolutely type servo motor power range (50W-600W ) , also working with SZGH absolutely CNC milling or lathe controller, improving application precision and performance
Product Details
Appearance Dimension

SZGH AC Servo system, 50W to 11KW ac servo motor, which including  incremental or absolute type encoder. AC servo driver which can support Modbus RS485, with 220VAC/380VAC!

Main Feature: 

1.Operate Steadily     

2. High Precision     

3. Big Power Range(50W-11KW)

4. Strong Overload Resistance  

5. High Speed and Excellent Performance

Servo encoder type :

  1. With Tamagawa encoder: Incremental(2500PPR)/Absolute Servo Motor(17bits/23bits)
  2. PositionControl:Pulse+Direction,Modbus:RS485/EtherCAT/Canopen/PowerLink


Driver Model Control Mode Rated Voltage (A) Current  A)   Encoder Type Matched  Motor
Torque Position Velocity
SZGH-SD2004 Single or 3phase 220VAC 9 Increment 50-600W
SZGH-SD2010 Single or 3phase 220VAC 12 Increment 750W-1.0KW
SZGH-SD2026 Single or 3phase 220VAC 18 Increment 750W-3.8KW
SZGH-SD2075 Single or 3phase 220VAC 35 Increment 2.3KW-7.5KW
SZGH-SD4038 3phase 380VAC 18 Increment 2.3KW-3.8KW
SZGH-SD4075 3phaes 380VAC 35 Increment 3.5KW-7.5KW
SZGH-SD2004(H) Single or 3phase 220VAC 9 Absolute 50-600W
SZGH-SD2010(H) Single or 3phase 220VAC 12 Absolute 750W-1.0KW
SZGH-SD2026(H) Single or 3phase 220VAC 18 Absolute 750W-3.8KW
SZGH-SD2075(H) Single or 3phase 220VAC 35 Absolute 2.3KW-7.5KW
SZGH-SD4038(H) 3phase 380VAC 18 Absolute 2.3KW-3.8KW
SZGH-SD4075(H) 3phaes 380VAC 35 Absolute 3.5KW-7.5KW
SZGH-SD2004(E) Single or 3phase 220VAC 9 EtherCAT 50-600W
SZGH-SD2010(E) Single or 3phase 220VAC 12 EtherCAT 750W-1.0KW
SZGH-SD2026(E) Single or 3phase 220VAC 18 EtherCAT 750W-3.8KW
SZGH-SD2075(E) Single or 3phase 220VAC 35 EtherCAT 2.3KW-7.5KW
SZGH-SD4038(E) 3phase 380VAC 18 EtherCAT 2.3KW-3.8KW
SZGH-SD4075(E) 3phaes 380VAC 35 EtherCAT 3.5KW-7.5KW


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▶ Specifications:

Mode of control:position,velocity and JOG control

Mode of input:pulse signal or analog voltage(0~±10V)

Frequency of pulse:<500KHz

Electronic gear:1/30000~30000

Precision of control:±0.01% work conditions

Input Power:single-phase or three-phase :AC220V (+10%,-15%)

frequency :50Hz±1Hz 

Runing Temperature:0~55°C,relative humidity: 40-80%

Storing or Transporting Temperature:-10~70°C,relative humidity:<=90%,Vibration:<0.5G,10~60Hz

Atmosphere pressure:86-106kpa

No excessive flour dust,acid,alkali caustic gas and explosive gas,no strong electromagnetic

interference Direction of installation:servo drive’s installation direction must be upright

The ambient should be well ventilated

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