SZGH-S4T037 37KW AC Spindle Servo Driver

Overview: SZGH-S4T037 , AC Spindle Servo Driver ,Rated Input Voltage:3 Phase 380VAC, Rated Output Current:75A , Rated Output Capacity: 50KVA , match for 37kW ac spindle servo motor(SZGH16-2-235-37/45-4-1500).
SZGH-S4T037 37KW AC Spindle Servo Driver
Product description

▶  Features:


Control function comprehensive: stable speed control,accurate position control,excellent torque control.

Safe & Reliable

Products comply with international standard,improved with CE certification. Setup mulitiple protection circuit,the comprehensive protection of safety equipment.

Remote Communication Function(Optional)

Product can be configured with remote communication function,only need to connect with SIM card module,that can be controlled by phone's internet remotely.

Powerful Expansion Capability(Optional)

Spindle driver can be configured with many kinds of expansion modules,such as Digital terminal expansion modules, Analog terminal expansion modules, Encoder feedback divider output, RS485 ModBus RTU,CANopen, GSM/GPRS modules,digital display module, double position loop module interfaces.

And also it can also be customized manufactured according to the user's specific applications, conveniently connected to CNC controller, HMI, PLC and other control devices.


▶  Application:


Input Power

Rated Voltage/frequency

Three-phase 380V/480V;50Hz/60Hz

Allowable Voltage range


Allowable Frequency Fluctuation

± 5%

Control Features

Control Mode

PWM Vector Control

Speed Adjustment Range


Speed Stabilization Precision

± 0.1%

Acceleration/Deceleration time


Torque Control

200% Rated torque output;Torque precision ±5%

Position Control Precision

±1 Pulse

Braking Mode

Powered Braking

Overload Capacity

Twice Overload


Digital Input

10 points , NPN or PNP(Optional)

Digital Output

6 points , NPN

Relay Output

2pcs ,DC30V/1A Or AC250V/1A

Analog Input

2 inputs, A0:±10V; A1: 0~±10V Or 4~20mA(Optional)

External Pulse Input

1 type ,ABZ phase pulse ,Pulse+Direction Or CW (Optional)

Motor Encoder Input

1 type,RS422 TTL , Rotatry Connector(Optional)

Motor Encoder Output

1 pcs,RS42TTL ,Output Frequency Range: 0~1MHz

Protection Function

Over-Voltage Protection,Low-Voltage Protection,Over-Current Protection,Over-Heat Protection, module Protection,Overload Protection,Output Short-Circuit Protection,Encoder's abnormal Protection


Operating Site

The product shall be mounted verticlly in the electric control cabinet with good ventilation. The product shall be installed in the environment free from direct sunligh ,dust,corrosive gas,sombustible gas,oil mist,steam and drip

Ambient Temperature

-10℃ ~ +45℃


5~90%, not allow condensing


0~3000Meters,derated above 1000m, the rated output current shall be decreased by 1% for every rise of 100m


Under 20Hz:1G; 20~50Hz: 0.2G


D Type





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