SZGH-CNC990TDc-2 Absolutely type CNC Lathe & Turnning Controller

SZGH-CNC990TDc-2 Absolutely type CNC Lathe & Turnning Controller

2 axis absolutely type CNC lathe controller with SZGH absolutely type servo engine &controller 1)ATC function: Electric Turret/Binary Turret/Servo Turret/Special Turret 2)Threading Cycle: Following Mode/Interpolate Mode 3) Support Dual analog voltage(0~10V) & C-axis for Spindle servo(M800) 4) Support Stepper/Increment/Absolute/EtherCAT/Powerlink Servo for Feeding Axes 5) Scanning Function & Auto Tool Setter/Probe
SZGH-CNC990TDc-2 Absolutely type CNC Lathe & Turnning Controller
Product description

▶ Product Details---Main Panel



▶ Features:

1) 800x600 8.4 inch real color LCD displayer.

2) Support PLC and macro function, and automatic tool exchange function.

3) 64MB Memory , 32Mb user store room. 

4) The max speed is 30m/min, feeding speed is 15m/min.

5) Adapted servo spindle can realize spindle continous position,rigid tapping,rigid screw processing.

6) High anti-jamming switch power(220VAC -> 24VDC)

7) Built-in many plc programs,which can be edited freely.

8) With USB interface,it supports file operation in flash disk,system configuration and software upgrade.

9) Display in chinese or english,which can be selected by parameter.

10) Analog voltage output of 0~10V in two channels,support double spindles.

11) 32 bits high performance, low power consumption industrial grade ARM microprocessor. 

12) I/Os : 24*24  , can be edited freely.

13) cutter offset : C.

14) English menu, program and interface, full screen edition.


▶ Application:

CNC lathe machinery; lathe center; wood working machine; numerically control grinder; MTDC applied to engraving CNC machine.

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CNC lathe controller
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