SZGH-CNC1000GDb-2 2Axis Grinding CNC Controller

SZGH-CNC1000GDb-2 2Axis Grinding CNC Controller

Item NO: SZGH-CNC1000GDb-2 Overview: SZGH-CNC1000GDb-2 is standard series flat-Grinding CNC controller, 8.4 inch display(800x600) and 2-channel analog, with C cutter offset, I/O 56X32, PLC and macro function, widely applied in CNC Grinding machinery, Grinding machine center and engraving equipment etc ,.
SZGH-CNC1000GDb-2 2Axis Grinding CNC Controller
Product description
1) 2-5 Axis standard series CNC Grinder controller             
2) Support absolute type servo system & linear scale            
3) 800x600 8.4 inch real color LCD displayer              
4) 2MHz Pulse Output Frequency, Default Pulse equivalent is 1um.          
5) High anti-jamming switch power(220VAC -> 24VDC&5V)           
6) 128MB Memory , 100Mb user store room              
7) With USB interface, for upgrade & copy programs             
8) Analog voltage output of 0~10V in two channels, support double spindles       
9) Support Position Feedback with linear scale(Differential signal/RS422)        
10) Basic I/O: 56X32 ,PLC On-line Display,Monitor & Design          
11)Support Linear tool magazine,umbrella,Arm type tool magazine        
12) English menu, program and interface, full screen edition         
13)Support macro variable dialog box & Running program by input points      
14)Built-in screw compensation,Reverse backlash compensation        
Application : CNC grinding machinery , CNC flat grinder , and specially automatic equipment 

Application: CNC grinding machinery;  grinding center; wood working machine; numerically control grinder; MTDC applied to engraving CNC machine.


System constructions:

32 bits high performance, low power consumption industrial grade ARM microprocessor.

128MB memory.

100Mb user store room.

640x480 8.4 inch real colour LCD displayer.

Touch screen main and sub panel.

High anti-jamming switch power.

USB movable U disc copy interface.

RS232 interface.

Spindle servo speed control/spindle frequency convertion speed control.

Manual pulse generator.

System technical parameter:

controllable axes:X,Z,C/Y,A,B five axes.

linkage axes:Arc 2-3 axes, liner 2-5 axes.

pulse equivalent:X,Z,C/Y,A,B axes:0.001mm.

max speed:X,Z,C/Y,A,B:60000mm/min.

cutting speed:1-10000mm/min.

min input unit:0.001mm.

program size range:± 99999.999.

99 tools management.

controllable liner vertical type or revolving disc type tool changer.

program code:ISO-840 international standard.

program coordinate system definition:ISO-841.

chassis protection complies with regulation of IP43.


System function:

1.Auto-diagnosis function

All around diagnosis of CPU, storer, LCD, I/O interface, parameter status, coordinates, machining program etc. shall execute when the system starts or resets. In operation, it makes real time diagnosis of power, spindle, limit and all I/O interface.

2. Compensation function

automatic backlash compensation.

tool radius automatic compensation.

tool radius automatic offset and sharp angle transition.

leading screw pitch error automatic compensation.

3 .Abundant instruction system

scaling up/down instruction.

mirror machining instruction.

mutiple tool offset instruction.

program cycle, jump, call and different program ending.

multiple positioning instruction:starting point,setting fixed point,etc.

linera, circular,spiral line interpolation instruction.

program management instructions: program cycle, call, transfer and different program ending method, etc.

6 workpeices coordinates system.

CNC grinding controller
flat type grinding CNC controller




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