SZGH-302 AC servo driver with double connect for motor

SZGH-302 AC servo driver with double connect for motor

Overview: SZGH-302 AC servo driver is high performance product, it realized in one driver to control two motors simultaneously, change the previous condition that one driver only connect one motor, now the SZGH-302 can work with double servo motor, one is for X axis servo motor, another is for Z axis servo motor simultaneously work, to a certain extent, it save our clients' application cost.
SZGH-302 AC servo driver with double connect for motor
Product description

▶ Features:

    Mode of control: position,velocity and JOG control

    Mode of input: pulse signal or analog voltage(0~±10V)

    Frequency of pulse: 500KHz

    Electronic gear: 1/30000~30000

    Precision of control: ±0.01%

Work condition:

    Input Power: single-phase or three-phase : AC220V (+10%,-15%)

    frequency: 50Hz±1Hz

    Runing Temperature: 0~55°C,relative humidity: 40-80%

    Storing or Transporting Temperature: -10~70°C

    relative humidity: <=90%

    Vibration: <0.5G,10~60Hz 

    Atmosphere pressure: 86-106kpa

    No excessive flour dust,acid,alkali caustic gas and explosive gas,no strong electromagnetic interference

    Direction of installation: servo drive’s installation direction must be upright

    The ambient should be well ventilated





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