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Customized CNC electrical cabinet with CNC control system!! TOTAL SOLUTION!
CNC Welding Robot Arm
2-8 Axes Modbus series CNC controller for milling machine or lathe machine & turning center     Each axis can be controlled with any speed alone
CNC robot controller with 6 to 8 axis , widely use to CNC Welding robot arm, it support step/dir and bus-based type
Overview: SZGH13-3-117-18.5/22-4-1500:AC Servo Spindle Motor,rated torque is 177Nm,rated power is 18.5kW,matched driver is SZGH-S4T018.
Overview: SZGH16-1-191-30/37-4-1500:AC Servo Spindle Motor,rated torque is 191Nm,rated power is 30kW,matched driver is SZGH-S4T030.
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