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SZGH-10100DC 1000W 3.2NM 3000RPM SERVO MOTOR

Overview: SZGH-10100DC is with 100mm frame szie,1kW,3.2NM,3000RPM servo motor.
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▶ Features:

SZGH-10100DC is with 100mm frame szie,1kW,3.2NM,3000RPM servo motor.

There are two kinds type servo driver, SZGH-030M2,SZGH-201,SZGH-301, that matching for 1KW servo motor.

There is also one dual servo driver,SZGH-302,that can control two pcs of 1KW servo motors synchronously.

Related Model : SZGH-08100CC , SZGH-09100CC , SZGH-13100CC , SZGH-13100AC


▶ Application:

CNC Machinery,printing equipment, packaging equipment, textile equipment, laser processing equipment,robotics, automated production lines, such as processing precision, processing efficiency and reliability, and other requirements of the relatively high equipment.

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