56BYG3H358B 3 Phase Stepper Motor
  • 56BYG3H358B 3 Phase Stepper Motor

56BYG3H358B 3 Phase Stepper Motor

Overview: Stepper motor is a direct electrical pulse into an angle position of the mechanical device, the number of the angle depends on the number of pulses, he and its supporting stepper motor drive together to form a set of control inspection point, and a low-cost open-loop system.

Product Description


1. Position control function: a specific number of pulses can be issued in advance to obtain the required output angle

2. Instepless speed regulation function: the required motor speed can be obtained according to the speed of the sending pulse

3. Positive/negative, emergency stop and locking functions: through the high and low level control of the system, the positive/negative rotation effect is obtained. In the case of motor locking (there is current in the motor winding clock and there is no external electrical pulse requiring rotation), there is still output of maintaining torque.

4. Low speed and high-precision position function: Through the control of pulse speed, a very low speed can be directly obtained without excessive gear passing, thereby avoiding power loss and angular position deviation.

5. Long life: There is no need to commutation through brushes and phase converters like ordinary DC motors, thereby reducing friction and increasing life.