Q3BYG2207MB/MC 3-Phase Stepper Driver
  • Q3BYG2207MB/MC 3-Phase Stepper Driver

Q3BYG2207MB/MC 3-Phase Stepper Driver

Overview: Q3BYG2207MB/MC is a stepping motor driver newly introduced by Guanhong Automation Co., Ltd. It adopts the latest 32-bit DSP control technology. Users can set subdivision within 25600 and any multi-level current value within rated current. The driver adopts built-in subdivision technology, which greatly improves the stability and noise under ground subdivision. The driver inherits the automatic parameter tuning function, which can automatically adjust the optimal operating parameters for different clicks to maximize the performance of the motor.

Product Description


New 32-bit DSP technology

2. Opto-isolated differential signal input (26LS32)

3. Ultra-low vibration noise

4. Built-in 500 frequency multiplication high subdivision (selected subdivision value)

5. The current setting can be arbitrarily selected between the rated values

6. The current is automatically halved when stationary

7. With overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit and other protection functions

8. Alarm output function I/O port