JOG Mode of SZGH-SD Series Servo System
What are the characteristics and processing methods of lathe machine turning processing?
Turning processing is a type of cutting processing. Cutting processing also includes milling processing and drilling processing, but in turning processing, the cutting tool is brought into contact with the rotating material, and the unnecessary parts are cut off while processing into the target shape. Turning processing is similar to milling processing, which is also included in cutting processing, but differs in "what is rotated." In turning processing, the material to be processed is rotated, while in milling processing, the material is fixed and the cutting tool is rotated for processing.
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Why Choose Us?-SZGH Is Always Your Strong & Powerful Partner
Welcome to SZGH company, we warmly welcome every customer, to provide you with quality service and product quality. Our products sell well all over the world, which shows the strength and quality of our company. Whether you buy our robots and CNC machine products or cooperate with us, SZGH company will be happy to serve you and make you satisfied!
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Why Choose CNC Mill-Turn Machines?
The system can mill and turn complex parts. This reduces tooling and In addition costs because only one machine is needed (you no longer have to move parts between separate milling and turning machines during the production process). By simplifying the process in this way, many benefits follow.  Benefits of CNC Mill-turn machines include increased efficiency, consistency and accuracy. Since only one machine is required, you eliminate the human error caused by moving parts between machines.  Further to this, CNC Mill-turn machines can have multiple turret tool posts with indexed tools. These are easy to set up in advance and allow the machine to run uninterrupted. This allows greater efficiency and could enable businesses to increase their capacity. 
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New Product Processing Demand-Higher Speed And Precision Turn-milling Machine With Composite Functions
Our model SZGH-46Y is installing the Y-axis 4+4 power head and the 8-station servo turret, the turning and milling compound function of 8 tool ends 4+side 4 is realized. It is widely used in workpieces that require drilling, tapping, milling slots, etc. on both the side and end faces processing. The ability to complete processing in one clamping not only overcomes the error of secondary clamping, but also enables one person to manage multiple machines, saving labor and improving automation and processing accuracy;
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Want To Know More About Automation Solutions? Welcome To Visit SZGH Booth
SZGH made its appearance at the Canton Fair to promote the integration of automation into smart factories and provide the market with more diversified products and services to meet the rising manufacturing needs of downstream companies.
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First Show!-SZGH Invites Customers To Attend The 2024 Canton Fair
At this Canton Fair, we will exhibit a new series of lathes SZGH-36J and collaborative robot SZGH-i10. In view of the overall solutions for lathe processing equipment and CNC systems that the market is concerned about, we will introduce more detail of the system functions and configurations of lathes as well as complete control system solutions for spindles, encoders and other components.Here will also share some application case solutions and application effects for customers.In addition, our engineers will demonstrate the operation of collaborative robots on site and share with customers more possibilities on how to integrate automation into smart factories.
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