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Customer Satisfaction Report For “SZGH” Product And Service

Customer Satisfaction Report For “SZGH” Product And Service

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In order to improve our product, and promote our service and technical development, SZGH company carried on a investigation about product and service from different Country clients.  

We are very happy that our all of clients almost satsify our product performance and our techincal supports, Client' comment will make us march on without cease, continually improve our product performance and quality, and promote our service, our product will bring our cooperation parnter more value. 

There is put on parts of comment firstly, on later we will put more here: 

1) the client use CNC milling, lathe and milling machine center controller, and servo motor ,spindle motor total product solution  


2) the client use CNC milling and servo motor to retrofit his old machine  


3) the client use the CNC990MDb-4 ans servo motor  


4) the client use our servo motor and driver  


5) the client use our CNC and servo motor  


6) the clients use our CNC milling controller and servo motor total proudct solution  


7) the clients use our lots of servo motor and driver  


8) the cleint use our CNC milling controller 


9) The clients use our CNC and servo motor total product solution 


10)  The clients use our CNC and servo motor total product solution