Higher Speed And Precision Turn-milling Machine With Composite Functions


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As cnc machine industry increasingly develops in the direction of high technology, machines with diverse functions and easy operation have become the market demand trend.

In order to meet the international market's demand for new product processing, SZGH explore higher-speed and precision turn-milling machine with composite functions.


Our model SZGH-46Y is installing the Y-axis 4+4 power head and the 8-station servo turret, the turning and milling compound function of 8 tool ends 4+side 4 is realized. It is widely used in workpieces that require drilling, tapping, milling slots, etc. on both the side and end faces processing.

The ability to complete processing in one clamping not only overcomes the error of secondary clamping, but also enables one person to manage multiple machines, saving labor and improving automation and processing accuracy;


!!! And our unique advantages are as follows:

1.For now we have more than 10 years of experience in cnc industry and have mature machine industry technology. There is not much difference in quality and performance between our machines and common brands on the market, while our prices are relatively favorable.


2.In addition, we support one-on-one online technical services and even local technical services; through simple operation and system programming, your engineers can easily learn how to maintain and use our machines.


3.Most importantly, all our CNC products have passed EU CE standards, ensuring high quality export.


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