Collaborative robot CNC automatic loading and unloading actual case - metal processing CNC loading and unloading

Collaborative robot CNC automatic loading and unloading actual case - metal processing CNC loading and unloading

In CNC processing workshops, it is difficult to recruit and manage basic operators! In the past, manual CNC loading and unloading operations faced problems such as rising labor costs and inadequate operation accuracy. Choosing collaborative robots can replace manual work to complete CNC loading and unloading processes, which can not only improve the production efficiency of manufacturing companies' production lines, but also ensure the stability and consistency of product quality.

In terms of CNC automated loading and unloading, SZGH Robot has accumulated considerable experience and has many related successful cases, such as metal processing CNC loading and unloading.

One of our foreign customers worked with SZGH Robot to create a collaborative robot CNC automatic loading and unloading solution, transforming CNC lathes or milling machines into unmanned production units, supporting 24-hour uninterrupted operations, and doubling the overall production capacity. At present, this partner has served nearly 100 end users, and its products and services have always had a good reputation.


Our customers’ feedback is as follows:

1. Cost advantage: The robot arm is easy to operate and does not require professional programming knowledge. The investment, operation training and use costs are controllable, and the payback period only takes a few months;

2. Provide collaborative robots with different loads and different arm spans to meet the diverse needs of customers;

Collaborative robot loading and unloading is more efficient than manual loading and unloading, more flexible than traditional fixed loading equipment, and has a shorter deployment time. Through plug-and-play terminal components and simple programming, users can quickly integrate various parts loading and unloading solutions, meet multi-station loading tasks on the assembly line in the same time period, quickly switch production varieties, and efficiently meet the needs of large-scale or small-scale customized flexible production;

3. The SZGH collaborative robot has a repeatability positioning accuracy of up to ±0.02 mm. In precision machining, it can ensure the consistency of multiple robots operating simultaneously, realize standardized production of products, improve production quality, and achieve a yield rate of more than 99%. The maximum cycle speed of 4 m/s can efficiently transport parts and improve production efficiency by 20% - 40% during loading and unloading of machine tools;

4. Flexible deployment: Plug-and-play end tools make the deployment of collaborative robots more flexible. Through drag-and-drop teaching and graphical programming, loading and unloading tasks can be deployed within an hour, which can save more than 80% of deployment time compared to traditional automation equipment that requires several days of debugging. In addition, collaborative robots can quickly change production processes through program switching, and the time for switching workpieces can be shortened by about 30%. With high flexibility, one production line can meet the needs of multi-variety production with one investment;

5. Low investment, fast return: One robot can realize loading and unloading of single or multiple stations, replacing at least 2 skilled workers, with a payback period of only 6-12 months. Long-term use can greatly save corporate operating costs and solve problems such as labor shortage and difficulty in recruiting workers.

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